BAGHEAD KIILLS II “RUNNIN-N-GUNNIN” montage of all our mates in the UK and Spain shredding. We always collect a heap of footage and I hate not using it, so I’m going to start putting more footage out of all the mates more frequently.

Featuring (in order):
TOMMY WRIGHT III, Joe Vozza, Riccardo Hillier, Julien Kimura, Mike Simons, Smaug, Richi Larios, Sam North, Simon Turton, Daniel Smith, Dominic Padgett, Alex Beighton, Albert French, Owen Burnham, Eric Thomas, Bambi, Craig Smedley, Liam Sidall, Louis Browne, SMF, George Mesias, Jake West, Jed Taylor, Ryan Wright, Jazz Wade, Jasper Clough, Jozef Szklaruk, Dominic Dulin, Cameron Linford, Joe James and Ryan Leech. Fuck with us.

Exclusive BAGHEAD KILLS interview by Pixels TV here: