The Tim Brauch Foundation Street Contest a skateboarding event that brings together people from Groms to Ams for a cause. In addition to this being a skateboarding contest, it is also a fundraiser to provide scholarships for Woodward West.

The skateboard contest is at the Scotts Valley Skatepark, in Scotts Valley.

Skaters and schedule to be announced soon.

Visit their FB Page or grab tickets at Eventbrite.


The biggest event held in Las Vegas every year is the Barrio Bowl! This years event is costumed themed, so bring your dopest costume and be prepared to check out all the sickest choppers and gnarliest skaters from all over!

There is no address to this event unless you know what to look for….. use #Barriobowl on instagram to get hints to where this sick ass event is being held.

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